This web page gathers the main hides focused in wild animal photography, aloowing the users to search the hides according to its location, the species you will be able to observe or the type of hide. You can get in touch with the hide promoter if you have any question or want to make a consult, you can also visit their website if they own one.


The hide typology depends on the fauna you will be able to photograph, although in some cases is not strictly like this because other animals could also appear in the area.



Acuatic birds hide



Carrion bird hide



Steppe bird hide



Picid bird hide



Daytime raptor birds hide



Nocturnal raptor bird hide



Mammals hide



Other hide


The location of the hides in the map is only indicative, we dont give the exact hide coordinates for security reasons. The hides are generally located in the village of reference given by the hide promoter, the location given is where the gestor will meet the costumers to go to the facilities.

We appreciate your active collaboration with the website by introducing your reviews of the hides you have visited, this way other people will be able to know about your opinion of the services offered. We beg you to be respectful with ypur opinion.

If you find wrong or non actual information we ask you to report it.

If you are a gestor or a hide promoter you can include your facilities in our website by contacting us.

If you know any hide that is not included in our website we thank you if you tell us

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