This Project is born by the initiative of two enthusiasts of nature, bird photography and technology applied to the observation of nature. We will try to gather the main hides for nature photography in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.


Jesús Giraldo Gutiérrez del Olmo. Forestal engineer. Linked to environmental consulting for over 25 years, it is a usual visitor of hides for bird photography and has designed and manages various photographic hides.




Julián Zamora Gómez.  Biologist. Passionate about nature, he combines various professional activities, from environmental education, environmental consulting, graphic design and illustration of nature. He has specialized in web projects for years and he is also the founder of the website



This web offers to amateur and profesional photographers a place to gather the hides located in their inmediate environment, but also suggests other hides in different countries.

We describe its characteristics, we put pictures of the facilities and we also give you the contact of the promoters and gestors of the hides.

We will also make objective assessments of the hides, and recommendations for the users.

The web also allows the users to add opinions about the hides so that we will also obtain a feed back of the experience. This way we will be able to orientate the future visitors better.

We hope this initiative will be welcomed by developers and users.

Kind regards.