The kind of hide: It is a converted shipping container that is sunken into the ground so that way the camera is at eyelevel, 1m away from the water, therefore expect to get wet when the elephants are there. It stands 2.4m high, with a width of 3m and a length of 6m. There are open hatches for 4 photographers and a guide.

These are structures built to specifically maximise the photographic potential of the subjects that visit them. These hides can be used to view animals in the normal manner, but have been positioned to consider the angle of the sun, the background as well as the angle you are to the animals and birds. If you are a photographer you will notice all of these things immediately and it will enable you to get some absolutely stunning photographs. The results of the images taken form the hides have been published in many magazines and books as well as have won some major awards. This is an indication of just how well the hides are built for photographers. The PhotoMasahtu wildlife photographer will accompany you in the hides. They will help tutor you with the various camera techniques to ensure you get your great images. Have a look at the following video which gives you a beautiful overview of what you can expect at the Matebole Underground Elephant hide.

Company in charge of the hide management:  PhotoMashatu

Camera lenses needed: Wide angle 12-70mm, 70-200 and up to 500mm.

Availability during the year / best dates or season to go:

December, January and February – Hides closed for the rainy season.

March and April – Hide Actively slowing down, still worth a visit.

May till November (When the first rain arrives) – Very active, Come and visit us

Species we will find:

Elephant, Kudu, Impala, Baboon, Eland, Vervet Monkey. Target bird species: Waxbills, Mayer’s parrots, African Green Pigeon, Firefinches, Guineafowl.

Guide assistance: YES

Spoken languages: English


Photographic rates 2017 2018
 Hide Session – Half Day (Morning or Afternoon session) $70 $75
 Hide Session – Full Day (Morning & Afternoon session) $130 $140
 Tutoring at camp. Not included in hide fee $50 $60
 Exclusive use of Photographic Hides (per day – maximum 4 pax) $500 $600
 Exclusive use of Photographic vehicle (per day) $500 $600



Our Address:

Moddergat, just below Beacon Hill, Mashatu in the Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana.