• Description hide: Hide with capacity for two people, 119 wide x 215 long x 140 high, with three crsitales spy of 70 x 32 cm cm. The innkeepers are located from 2 meters up to 15 meters.
  • Recommended targets: Recommended at least 300 mm higher than 400 mm.
    Availability throughout the year / recommended dates: All year round. Best season autumn winter
  • Species that enter: Cauliflower hawk, Buzzard bush, Royal Mackerel (Migrating) Merlin, Common Kestrel, King Shrew, King Shrike, Magpie, Bee-eater, Mushroom Mushroom, Common Tarabilla, Cetia buitrón, Blinker Warbler, Blight Redstart, Marsh Scribe. In the area there are also other species that are susceptible to appear by the hide: Bonelli’s eagle, Marsh Harrier, Hawk and Spotted Eagle …. The raptors are attracted to hiding with live prey (mainly pigeon and rabbit) obtained from breeding In captivity, so they have passed veterinary controls and hence they are free of parasites, both internal and external.
  • Assisted by guides: YES.
  • Languages: Spanish, Valencian and English.
  • Prices: One person 110,00 €, two people 160,00 €., 210,00 three personas. If not go some raptor rates are reduced by 40%.


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