• Description hide: With a capacity of 12 people, this fixed and half-buried structure measures 15m wide, 5m deep and more than 2m high, and has 6 spy glasses (175×85 cm / glass) positioned at ground level. It is located with north exposure and through the crystals you can see a large meadow surrounded by an extensive oak tree. In addition, located in front of the Hide we have built an artificial pond, which is why a large number of species daily make a stop that gives the possibility to observe them in detail. The Hide Valderredible allows you to photograph different species, both day and night, due to the installation of 5 high-power bulbs that activate at night. During the day it is common to observe all types of birds, while the nocturnal hours give rise to the entrance of mammals. In addition, the innkeepers and feeders are located at a distance of between 50cm and 5m with respect to the spy glass, and therefore of the visitor.
  • Recommended targets: Recommended at least 300 mm.
  • Availability throughout the year / recommended dates: All year round. Hide all day oriented north.
  • Species entering: Griffon Vulture, Royal Milano, Black Warbler, Buzzard, Buzzard, Magpie, Big Raven, Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Slash, Thrush, Robin, Blue Climber, Common Finch, Common Tern, Wagtail Wagtail, White Wagtail, Roe Deer , Fox and Badger.
  • Assisted by guides: YES.
  • Languages: Spanish, Italian and English.
  • Prices: 1 person 120,00 €, two people 200,00 € per person, three people 240,00 €.


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