• Description hide: Can accommodate up to three people. Panel sandwich with three large windows with spy glass. The distance to photograph is about 2-3 meters.
    Manager: myHornachuelos.
  • Recommended targets: From 200 mm.
  • Availability throughout the year / recommended dates: All year round. The sprinter works best from spring to autumn.
  • Species that enter: Black-eared Sparrow, Black-eared Sparrow, Black-eared Sparrow, Common Sparrow, Goldfinch, Red-billed Woodpecker, Picogordo, Piquituerto, Bee-eater and Nightingale.
  • Assisted by guides: YES.
  • Languages: Spanish, English.
  • Prices: One person 40,00 €, two people 70,00 € and three people 90,00 €.


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