• Description: Hide with capacity three or four people of 6 square meters. With panoramic spy glass of 2.50 x 0.90 m of the best quality and neutral dominance. Constructed of wood and insulated thermally. Located on a high with a very wide views of a huge and spectacular landscape as background, at an altitude of 1,150 meters above sea level with north orientation. Its capacity for observation reaches up to 6 occupants. It has 5 different innkeepers, two in rock and three in branch, both morning, all day or afternoon and all with different backgrounds.
  • Manager: Fauna Salvaje en Acción.
  • Recommended lens: Recommended at least 200 mm.
  • Availability during the year / best dates or season to go: All year round. Hide all day oriented north.
  • Species we will find: Golden eagle,  and sometimes Spanish Imperial Eagle.
  • Guide assistance: YES.
  • Spoken languages: Spanish and English.
  • Prices: 1 person 175,00 €, two people 260,00 € per person, three people 360,00 €, 4 people 460,00 €.


Our Address:

El Barraco. Ávila