Description hide: Hide with capacity for three people, with dimensions 2.40 x 2.10 x 1.80 in height. With spy glass, 1.80 x 40, distance to small birds birds 1 meter raptors from 4 m to 8 m. The innkeepers are located from 2 meters up to 15 meters.

Manager: Hides Cantabria

Recommended targets: Recommended at least 300 mm.

Availability throughout the year / recommended dates: November to May.

Species that enter: Picapinos, Peak Medium, Pito Real, several types of passerines, common agateador, Busardos, Milano Real, Milano black, occasionally Alimoche.

Assisted by guides: YES.

Languages: Spanish.

Prices: One person 75,00 €. Two people € 140.00 and three people € 180.00.


Our Address:

cabezón de la Sal. Cantabria