Nature photography, specifically photography from hides is a little aggressive activity photographed species because the animals come voluntarily to the point from which they will be photographed, but nevertheless must be taken into account a number recommendations or “ethical code”.


All nature photographer that between await to photograph, must respect a code of ethics on the use of hides. This is very important not to harm species entering the await and to respect the following users of hides.

To do this we must take into account the following aspects:

  • It should not make noise within the hides.
  • If you walk at night you should try not to use lighting devices that can be seen from the outside, such as flashlights or spotlights.
  • It should wear dark clothing in the upper body, possibly dark green camouflage or black, so we will be less visible from outside.
  • It should be no smoking inside the hides as a rule. If they are individual hides and with aeration and hide the promoter so permits, it may occasionally smoking. You think that the smell of snuff is for days such as small installations.
  • You should leave the hide as we are, without waste or debris that could damage the following users.
  • It will come and go accompanied by promoter hide, you should never go out in the middle of a session however long this may be. If necessary will have to be contacted with the developer so he takes him.
  • If no glass hides the spy camera lenses, they should leave it just the pockets of hide and no need to make any sudden movements with them to not scare species entering the await.
  • In the case of having spy glass should not make sudden movements near the glass at first and last time, as these are the times when the spy mirror glass is less effective.


The promoters of different aguardos must see to it that these are in perfect condition for the use and enjoyment of it.

Therefore they must meet the following specifications.

  • Have all permits in order for the different species that can be photographed. In case you are hides of carrion, also have the necessary permits to put animal remains.
  • That species promoting their hides, really come into them. We all know that wild animals are unpredictable, but at least the rate of entry of these to hide is right for the enjoyment of users.
  • The hides are in perfect condition for photography. If they spy glass it is clean and no scratches. For having toilets that are clean. There is no debris or garbage inside the hide. If there is no toilet, which the user is alerted to this may be necessary to avoid unexpected.
  • That the user of the hides of the distance from the innkeepers or places where species come to be photographed, ie the necessary goals to photograph inside their hides can be notified.
  • The innkeepers or scenarios quite often so that users do not have all mimas photos are changed.
  • Accompanying both the inlet and outlet to hide users, except in those cases where species are not sensitive to await inputs and outputs hide.
  • Dealing with prime different species entering the aguardos enough rate so that fidelizadas species are the same and the user can enjoy.
  • Having hide under the best possible conditions for soundproofing and especially dark, so that the mirror image of the same out is the maximum (both spy glass and without it).
  • Promoters, emergency within the hides must be output protocols of the most immediate potential users and communicate it in writing to users prior to the shoot. These should provide contact numbers for users and handle calls quickly.